Exam Portions

 English The Last Lesson, My mother at sixty six, The Tiger King,
Lost Spring, Comprehension, Note Making
 Mathematics Matrices, Determinants (excluding properties of determinants)
 Physics Current Electricity (upto combination of cells)
 Chemistry Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
Alcohols, Phenols & ethers 
Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic acids 
 Biology Reproduction in Organisms, Sexual reproduction in flowering plants
 Informatics Practices Computer Networks, MySQL Review, Advanced MySQL Concepts
 Physical Education Planning in Sports, Sports & Nutrition
 Accountancy Accounting for partnership firm,
Goodwill : Nature and method of valuation
Change in profit sharing ratio  till treatment of reserves and profits
 Business Studies Nature and significance of management,
Principles of management,
Marketing management (upto channels of distribution)
 Economics Introduction
Consumer equilibrium
Theory of demand
Elasticity of deman
 Political Science Cold War
 History Harappan Civilization

 11/06/2018, Monday 8.15am - 9.45am Chemistry / Economics
 12/06/2018, Tuesday  8.15am - 9.45am Biology / History / Business Studies 
 13/06/2018, Wednesday  8.15am - 9.45am English
 18/06/2018, Monday  8.15am - 9.45am Physics / Accountancy
 19/06/2018, Tuesday  8.15am - 9.45am Informatics Practices / Physical Education
 20/06/2018, Wednesday  8.15am - 9.45am Mathematics / Political Science